Valentines day projects for school


Just a quick post to share the cute little valentines day treats we made for friends and school. It is quite amazing what a big deal Valentines day is at schools in the US! They take it seriously over here! I thought it was just mooshi newly gotten together couples that celebrate the most....but no, schools over here it's a big deal!

Well, we were told no sweets, which caters perfectly to my health obsessed self....But I was actually planning on baking on something sweet...:-(. Now don't get me wrong, I am NOT against sweets! Quite the opposite actually! I am against the wrong sweets, the artificial colours and preservatives kind! I LOVE a good sweet, I love home made cakes and pastries and pies and the like! I could never say no to a home made good dessert. Well, anyway, no sweets it was, so I had to come up with a new project.

So here it is the cute little kangaroos I made for the kids to assemble:

And this is Alina's take on my kangaroo :-). Oh, and on the kids one I stamped the LOVE stamp from the You Are Loved set:

And then we made this little M&M's treat bags for our friends. I saw these treats on other SU deomnstrators blogs and thought they were super cute! And yes, OCD did do the lollies in an order, until I ran out of the white ones and that kind of messed up the order. 

Well, in the end the kids could not care less if they were in order, they thought they were pretty "sweet"

Hope you all had a lovely week!



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