Kusudama ball :-)


Well, I've been wanting to make some of these Kusudama balls for a while...Two of my friends, and part of my upline, have made a few of these and I got the bug too.....Well, the bug took a while to become reality, as these things take a LOOOOONG time to make! I counted the flowers in Agnes's ball, and when I realized i needed 60 petals for one ball, I thought it would take me a LONG time to actually start making one....(5 petals to each flower and 12 flowers to make a ball....yeap, 60 squares to fold).

Well, a few more peaks at MICHELE'S Blog and at her great tutorial and I thought I would give it a go. I still am not sure why my centers are not as neatly folded as Michelle's, but I am working on that :-).

Michelle has gotten slightly Kusudama crazy over the years and she has a FEW of these around, as you would, for any ocassion! Oh, and some to give away too....as you would.

Sweet Pea Kusudama Wreath
Christmas Wreath
Valentine's Day Wreath

I am not as savvy to do videos yet, so I cheated and shared her tutotial, which is fabulous!

Well, here are my pictures of the 2 Kusudama balls that I made. The first one went to Tin, a really good friend of mine, for her birthday, simply because she appreciated it :-). I would have never thought of offering it to her, but once she said she liked it, it was hers...and then I had to make another one to have for myself.

Hope you like them. Once I have more free time I would like to start a wreath....but I am yet to get over the "HOW MANY Petals did you say I need for one of those????"

Hugs and hope you have a blessed week,


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