Bit of brag time :-)


Some of you might know that I like to use sketches for my cards....A lot of sketches! Sometimes I have my crafting mojo and do everything from scratch and other times I love the sketches! It just makes it a tad easier! And there's those dreaded times when it does not matter how many sketches I look at, I simply get NO ideas.... Well, this was not the case in January! I was super excited and humbled to be picked as the winner for the January VIVA LA VERVE SKETCH CHALLENGE! And this coming only a few months since the last win, in the OCTOBER CHALLENGE.

And the prize was $100 gift card to go crazy in the VERVE Store.

And here are the goodies I chose....Can't wait to use all the Bible verses I got! One thing that I was wanting to get from them, and this is great! And the cute Baby set!

The first 3 pictures are the stamps I got back in October and the last 4 are the stamps I just got in the mail! Can't wait to get to use them!

Hope you have a good week! We are freezing here in California, it's been 9 degrees Celsius today! I still can't wrap my head around this Fahrenheit business despite living in the states for 5 years (3 year stint in CT 03-05 and since 2011 in CA). So I have my phone tell me the temperature in C so I actually know what to expect...although I did not need the phone to tell me it was the Arctic today!


  • Kymmie | March 9, 2013 at 3:47 AM

    I think you should stick to celcius seeing you'll probably end up coming back to Australia ;)

    Sorry it's been so cold there. It's been the most amazing summer here in Melbourne! xx

  • Renate Krogdahl | March 12, 2013 at 10:53 PM

    I will most definitely stick to Celsius, I seriously do not get Fahrenheit...I just know 100 is hot :-). And yes will probably end back in Australia in the future, we miss the beach!

    And how funny how summer in Melbourne is nice once we leave....bummer for us missing on that but really nice that you have had a nice summer!

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