Probably about time to share some Christmas creations....

It seems January is just flying by and I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that it's 2013 already!! And that I probably should start looking at flights to go to Romania in the summer and for the family holiday somewhere and the list goes on and on....

Before I realized the first month of this new year is nearly finished, December nearly slipped between my fingers; but somehow managed to send out all the Christmas cards....well, for reasons I will not mention, some of you might have gotten your cards in the New Year (It was the post's office, nothing to do with me :-)....)

I might partially blame that on a Trade Show we had to go to in Florida in November and on a wonderful week we got to spend down in San Diego with Jamie's mum. See previous post. Oh, and did I mention that post??

Ok, now onto more serious stuff I actually got to finish before Christmas! Which was quite amazing seeing as I had quite a few weeks when I couldn't craft at all...

Christmas Ornaments I made for the teachers at school and for 
my swap with my crafty friends

And quite easy to make....if you have a few spare hours :-)


And some of the Christmas Cards I made....I did not get a chance to photograph all before sending, but many of them are already tagged in the Christmas Label I think.

Might actually have posted enough pictures for one post, what do you think?

Hope you enjoy them, I will not post every single item used for the cards and the Christmas ornaments, but they are pretty much all Stampin Up. (I know the buttons on the ornaments and the red glimmer paper for the Christmas globe are not)

Hugs and hope you enjoy this longish post :-)


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