I feel I am amazingly blessed! And so very grateful


I feel I am really blessed to have a loving and supportive husband that puts up with my hobby, actually make that addiction :-). I love being able to stay home with the kids and have the time at night to make my cards and little paper projects. I really don't know how those girls that work and juggle kids and lunches and homeworks even have time to play with paper.

Anyway, I recently have decided to take Jamie's (my loving supportive husband above mentioned :-) advice and try and do a little more than just play with paper. Well, besides scheduling some classes to teach stamping techniques, I decided I would try and teach officially at a craft store near my house.

I finally went MEMORIES LIVE ON in Cupertino, on DeAnza Blvd and talked to the lovely owner, Vivian, and showed her some of my projects; she said she could schedule some classes for october! Woo Hoo!! I am SO grateful for the opportunity and SO excited! Can't wait to start and hope to meet a lot of paper addicted girls along the way :-))). So many beautiful things in her store to play with!

Vivian decided on some classes using punches and cut outs to make various things. This is one of the things I really LOVE to work with, as the finished project always WOWS and it is not that difficult to make (once you take the time to look at how it's made).

I will be teaching 2 classes to start with, a Wedding/Birthday/Baby & Kids class and a Christmas Class. Never to start on those Christmas cards right?

So this is what I have been so busy with for the last week or so, and I can show you some of the cards I made.
These ones will be for the Wedding/Birthday/Kids class:

I have been really busy today with putting together the instructions for some of these cards. Some are self explanatory (almost...with a little bit of observation) and some are a little more complicated. I find it  a lot harder to explain what I am doing than actually do it, so this was a little challenging for me. ALways easier doing I think. Anyway, the instructions are all done and super proud or myself for putting it on paper.

Well, thats about it for tonight, hope like my latest projects, and if you are around Cupertino, keep your eye on the Calendar Page at Memories Live On to see my upcoming classes.

Hope this post inspires you to try some new ideas :-)


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