Who said I didn't need more stuff?

This is really bad, not posting anything for over a month! I have not taken a break from my paper crafting, just from posting...Sorry for that. Might have to do either a super long post or a few shorter ones to cover all that work :-).

Anyway, onto this post. I think I might just cover my newest obsession....yeap, you read right, new obsession. Like my old one wasn't expensive enough, needed to add another one.

Well, once you start making cards and using inks and markers and coloring with all sorts of mediums, it won't take you long to discover images that are colored to perfection...Some of them are down right gorgeous!!! It didn't take long to realize they weren't done with SU markers, aquapainter or the blender pen. Here comes....drum roll please! THE COPIC marker!

That was one sad day for Jamie and the budget. But what can I say, Santa came early this year (or me needed to feed the addiction beast :-) ) and here we are. Please don't count and add up.....
I kept thinking of ways to store them and nothing was really right for the limited space I have on my desk, so I came up with these lovely tins covered in designer series paper and I am super happy with how they turned out!!
I have 3, one for the browns and greasy, one for the blues and one for the reds, pinks and purples. I have kept the lovely red container that my mum bought from Italy for yellows and greens. That way there is way to grow...did i mention the Sketch markers come in 356 colours??? Ok, I am no manga coloring chick, but I might need (want) a few more, so I had to make space and moved the blues to their own container.
Here are some images colored with my new Copic Sketch Markers. I haven't yet thought of how to mount them and turn them into cards, but seeing as this coppice coloring is very time consuming and intense and takes about 40'-1hr per image to create, the card mounting will be in a separate session. The whole blending thing is why you need at least 3 colors in each family, better 4-5, it gets better blending outcome!
 SU set: Countryside
My first ever Copic image and I am super happy with how it turned out!! I did sponge the clouds with SU ink in Not Quite Navy
Can I just mention I have bought this stamp set JUST for this image? Country stuff is really NOT meat all, but the pick up truck is really cute and vintagey (is that even a word??) and thought it would be great for a masculine card. Will see who gets it....
Really really happy with the hair! The blue top needs some improvement, so 
will have to print this one out again and keep practicing :-)
 Kanban Crafts: The Cavendish Ladies, Day at the Races
Really like the olive, red and orange combination. Folds are probably the hardest to do properly with Copics, but not too shabby for a first attempt at coloring folds.
 My favorite things: Enjoy Your Journey
This one took some time to color...and to choose the colors also :-)
SU Pleasant Poppies :-)
I saw these  beautiful purple poppies onDarlene's Blog and knew I had to try them. I have to say they were super challenging, with all the different petals and shadows and buds and skinny stems but really like the final result. Darlene's video was also super easy to follow :-) 

Hope you like these images colored with Copics and make sure you come back to check the other postings that I still have to do :-)


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