ART CLASS: Alina's project for Simon Says Kids Challenge :-)

It has become very clear to me that I am turning my kids into stamp addict little monsters. To the point where if I want some me time to craft we always have to make project first (even if they just stamp some images and color) is very cute and I love the time spent together and their desire to be crafty. After all I have always been crafty. My mum can attest to that, she still has a couple of boxes full with misc projects of mine from school and my best drawings/paintings have been hung in the castle after the princess has changed continents.

Anyway, digressing here, back to the project Alina begged me to do with her. And it could not happen without Jacob making one, so we obviously made 2. As soon as I saw this kids challenge on SIMON SAYS Stamp Challenge I thought this is perfect for that!

I was researching the perfect bow on you tube when this cute little telescopic snowman popped up and needless to say I had no life until we made him! Here is the link if you feel crafty :-) Frosty the Telescopic Snowman

Well, I did not have all the dies required to cut all his bits, so I improvised for some of the circles. Bottom of a few cans and tea cylinders came in very handy :-).

You can tell which one belongs to Alina, she had to make sure the flower on the hat was a rainbow and with girly colors as she said (she is now taking ownership of my SU Markers???? What has come of this world? First the stamps, then the ink pads and now the markers? Does she know these are $120???)

And she insisted on making the lines on the nose just like in the video, but the mouth had to be another color, she did not like the black. And she said her smile is better, and the snowman is much better because its a girl. Frosty's girlfriend maybe?

Hope you like this cute little project,

Renate for Alina


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