Ok, so this is it I guess? No turning back now....

I have been wanting to do this for so long now, it is quite ridiculous...I had quite a few friends that were more than present in the blog world and thought maybe I should start one too. 

But then the question...what to write about? I mean seriously, who besides my mum would be interested what classes Alina attends and how many play dates my kids have been (or not been) to this week? I do appreciate the value of the staying at home mum, but seriously it is not glamorous enough to fill a blog....Actually, it is big enough to fill a blog, but definitely not glamorous. And probably not entertaining in the slightest...

So, when I became a Stampin Up demonstrator last fall  www.stampinup.com I rediscovered my love of crafting.

And kind of out of the blue - hence the serendipity bit :-) - came the idea for a blog. I thought surely cards are a lot more interesting and would attract more attention than just blogging about stuff...Then I thought, seeing as I make so many cards (it is very addictive!) why not try and market them and sell some. So there you have it the result, blog/business website.

I then started acquiring copious amounts of stamps, ink pads, ribbons, buttons, brads and paper...let's not forget the paper! ( That reminds me I just got a new box of paper! How exciting! Slightly more justifiable now that I have paid orders.YAY!!! I know I am excited, and so will my bank account, although not for a while. I had my best friend say "you must have spent a couple hundred dollars on your things so far"....I just laughed and not responded. Just don't ask Jamie, he might turn blue in the face).
     Yes, I think I might have enough ribbons for now, but only till June when the new                  Stampin' Up Catalog comes out.                                                                   
                      Just got the extensions for the ink pad holder so I can accommodate new colours :-)

                    And no, this is not all my collection, have a few more stashed away!

Oh, and lets not leave the punches out...just a couple of drawers, but they do come in very handy! I wish they made one for the invite I am working on now, then I would not have to cut 90 of the balloons and 90 of the baskets.....silly enough I wanted them to be 3D, not just stamped on cardstock. I do love the look though, and so did my client :-)

And yes, had my first order from family (along with the freebie ones of course :-) ), but the order I am working on now from my beautician, I know she did not feel obliged in any way, she just liked them :-).

She initially wanted a carnival theme, which was very puzzling, seeing as I had no stamps with that theme....so I send all my lovely stamping friends an email asking for some help. And my very talented friend Michelle at www.michvanstamps.blogspot.com came to the rescue with some stamped images of a carnival theme she never got to use. All I had to do was come up with a design, colour, crop, punch and glue, and some ribbon for pizzaz, and the result was....voila! GREAT I thought (excuse my boasting)

But then creativity strikes and I thought, why not take another one and see which one she likes better.... So this little beauty got created. I do have to add I did not think at the possibility of having to cut 90 balloons and 90 baskets and numerous clouds that I decided to do as 3D....well, lesson learnt! (how I wish  there was a punch for this lovely set by Stampin up called Up Up and Away!

That probably would have to do it for tonight, some more light reading in the next few days, I have some invitations to finish seeing as my pumpkin pie cardstock and buttons arrived and I can continue with my order. Another note to self: Let future clients know the background designer paper might be slightly different, same colour theme and all, but maybe spots instead of lines and you won't have to rummage through your friends paper stash! And make sure you also tell them the buttons WILL be different colour combinations, keeping with the themes, and that way it won't cost $12 for buttons! Oh, the joys of learning to price your product!

Thanks for hopping by and hope you come and visit often :-)



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